Sandretto S.p.A. is a well-known company from Canavese  (near Turin, Italy) that invented injection moulding technology and has a 70-year history in IMM market. Now, Sandretto launched a new range of 3d printers designed for professional use that are raising much interest. We talked about it with fausto Ventriglia, Sandretto’s CEO:


“We entered 3d market mainly for two purposes: 3d technology is now mature and we have a client portfolio that could use our printers for prototyping and small productions;

Moreover, we are very skilled in mechatronics, a fundamental knowledge to design solid 3d printers. To us, entering the FFF (fused filament fabrication) market, means more satisfaction in terms of costs, comparing it to stereolithography. Our company aims to lead every kind of technology in 3d printing, thus, we’re planning an important investment plan that will allow soon to introduce new machines with SLS technology (for both plastics and metal), and we’re also working on stereolithography, with a new technology based on holograms, able to produce not only a layer, but the whole object, surpassing the concept of “layer-by-layer” 3d print.

Source Office Automation - Written by Giancarlo Magnaghi