Niulira is the official distributor in Catalonia and Aragon of the Italian company Sandretto. The company, based in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona, Spain), became, along with Italprensas Norte (north) and Electricidad Juan Bernabeu (east), in charge for the sale of every Sandretto product, including brand-new injection molding machines, sized from 30 up to 5000 tons of clamping force, equipped with a new technology both dedicated to energy savings and performance improvement. Moreover, Sandretto created new 3d printers to consolidate its presence in the additive manufacturing market. For this reason, we will talk with Niulira in order to know these machines and the technological potential that is slowly intriguing all the plastics industry.

During the last edition of Plast Fair in Milan, Sandretto launched its first 3d printers. What is the main reason of Sandretto being in the additive manufacturing market?

Injection molding and additive manufacturing will converge in the near future, not only for prototyping purposes, but also for small production lines. In addition, we are very experienced in mechatronics, being the Delta 3d printing technology a high-standard derivative.

At this moment, what kind of technologies are available from Sandretto?

A FDM technology (fused deposition modeling), developed by focusing on performances and productive needs. The main features are:

A high printing volume, designed for professional purposes.

The accuracy and the speed of the three robotic arms.

The printing speed, 100% faster than our best competitors.

Let’s talk about the range: which are the available sizes?

We have three models with different sizes in printing capacity: 250x440mm, 400x750mm and 750x1100mm, deigned to be used with every kind of thermoplastic material, even the reinforced ones.

Are we talking about final products or prototypes?

The first two models, SND R250 and SND R400, are still available: 30 unities of SND R250 have been recently sold in Russia. The largest model, SND R700, will be available from the last part of July 2016.

Which are the goals in additive manufacturing R&D that Sandretto would like to achieve?

Our Research & Development plan will allow our labs to launch, by the end of 2016, our first selective laser sintering machine, able to manage both thermoplastics and metal powders.

Speaking of Injection Molding, what kind of Sandretto machines are available?

The new Serie Dieci includes a wide range of possibilities, from 30 to 5000 tons in clamping force.

Currently, we are producing the first ones: 30, 50, 80, 170 and 300 tons. The next month, we will produce a 230 tons and at the same time, the first new Mega Series, starting from 1300 and 820 tons.

Now, let’s talk about Serie Dieci: which are its most innovative features?

The new Serie Dieci is equipped with many innovations dedicated mainly to the concept of energy saving: magnetic induction, brushless motors, inverters, a brand-new electronic control panel and an asymmetric toggle clamping unit – patented by Sandretto.

The Euromap 60.2 classification attested in the 300 tons version a 40% energy saving better than the top-notch injection molding machine produced by our competitors.

Source – Written by Nerea Gorriti