Parkes invented the first example of plastic in 1861, Sandretto has been inventing new and innovative machines to mold plastics since 1946.
Historic brand in the design, construction and sale of presses for palsting injection molding, Sandretto is one of the  world’s leaders in innovative  equipment for processing plastics.  Thanks to  the level of its technologies, the large number of presses installed and the comprehensiveness of its market, Sandretto can be ranked among the leading manufacturers of injection presses in the world.

Our History

Production enhancement at Pont Canavese premises.


Sandretto is taken over by Photonike Group SA.


Sandretto joins Romi Brazil Group.


Opening of Sandretto Asia Pacific subsidiary.
Opening of Sandretto China subsidiary
Opening of Sandretto Latin America subsidiary.


At Plast it launches the new Nove HP and Nove HPF Series.


Sandretto is taken over by the American Taylor's group.


Sandretto enters the international Cannon group. The expansion process continues with the opening, the following year, of the first branch in Brazil and in 1999 the launch of the Nove T Series.


Now Italian leader, Sandretto Sandretto takes over Metalmeccanica Plast, the third plastic manufacturer in Italy. The following year the first branch in the USA is established.


Sandretto launches the first microprocessor-controlled press, followed by the Sette Series, equipped with two multiprocessors with video interface: history changing innovations in the world of injection.


The company's expansion goes on: newbranches in the United Kingdom, France and Spain are established. In this same year Sandretto stops manufacturing compression machines to turn to injection presses.


Inauguration of the Pont Canavese factory, dedicated to the production of Series 5GV machines. Right here, in the former guesthouse, the Museum of plastics will be set up: the first in Italy and one of the few of its kind in the world.


Sandretto grows and moves to the Collegno-based factory, which becomes the Company headquarter. That year marks the beginning of exports.


Sandretto is established and based in Turin on the initiative of the brothers Modesto and Dino Sandretto. Two premises of 50 square meters are the first location of what is bound to become, in the following years, one of the leading companies in the industry. At the very beginning, it works for third parties, but since the late ‘50s it has already been able to provide water pumps, distributors and presses for thermosetting.