Right from Sandretto Labs, we are glad to introduce our new 3D printer,

Designed for professional addititve manufactring, SND R uses 1,75 plastic filaments (ABS, PLA, PTEG or HIPS); its Delta structure is composed by spokes made of carbon fiber with ultra light metal, self-lubricating rails that don't need any maintenance.

Sandretto SND R has been chosen by the University of Pavia to be employed in medical research.



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    SND R250:

    • Printing area: 25x45 cm
    • Printing volume: 22000 cm3
    • Power: 250 W
    • Dimensions: 550x490 h 1000 mm
    • Weight: 25 kg

    SND R400:

    • Printing area: 40x70 cm
    • Printing volume: 88000 cm3
    • Power: 400 W
    • Dimensions: 600x670 h 1300 mm
    • Weight: 40 kg

    SND R700

    • Printing area: 70x120 cm
    • Printing volume: 462000 cm3
    • Power: 850 W
    • Dimensions: 980x860 h 1900 mm
    • Weight: 60 kg