Presented at Plast2015 in Milan, the new range of injection moulding machines Serie Dieci is the result of the best R&D, a beacon aimed at the future of plastics industry.

Serie dieci provides more room between tie-bars, lower energy consumption and higher speed in reaching temperature, as well as innovative construction materials, a brand-new electronic control, 5 years warranty and a cycle speed improved by 50%

The use of brushless motor-pumps at variable speed, enhance and brings out the value of the constructive geometry, providing top-quality performances with no equal in nowadays market.

The heating system runs with a close-loop controlled magnetic induction bar. This powerful application, developed in Sandretto Labs, gives a very meticulous temperature control, allowing optimized ranges according to the rheological properties of materials. Furthermore, our heating system can overtake our competitor’s performances, i.e. riding in temperatures less than 10% of the time it takes a resisitive system to to do the same.

Serie Dieci Toggle is available from 1500 to 4400 kN

SANDRETTO, the Great Made in Italy Technology

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    • Platens made of innovative steel alloy
    • SEF3000 electronic control

    Clamping Unit

    • Asymmetrical 5 points toggle system
    • Triple ram operated toggle system
    • Twin transducer's mould and ram position control
    • Fixed tie-bars nuts at progressive strenght
    • Movable platen on linear rail rolling feet, released from tie-bars
    • Support for moving platen
    • Crosshead released from tie-bars


    • Brushless watercooled motor-pump
    • Hydraulic plant released from machine's base
    • Mould movements controlled by proportional hydraulic valve

    Injection Unit

    • Single ram injection piston
    • Screw rotation by electric servodrive motor (optional)
    • High speed injection by accumulator (optional)
    • ratio L/D 24 for screw/barrel (optional)
    • Induction system for barrel heating