Covering the needs of large tonnage ranges, they are ideal for appliances, automotive and industrial packaging.

The Series offers six combinations among the clamping units, ranging from 1300 to 5000 tons, combined with the injection units, with max shot volumes ranging from 1574 to 71675 cm3  .

HES is equipped with "e-ONE" electronic control with 15" touch screen interface providing high performance, repeatability and easy connectivity.

The Series HES presses,  featuring patented 'hydro-block'clamping unit, allow to get a particularly favourable ratio between the maximum distance between platens (stroke plus maximum thickness) and the maximum length of the press. 

Availability of 3 different screw diameters  per injector and up to 3 injectors per clamping unit. The press is designed to be highly reliable, with low operating costs, high plastic coating and injection capacity.

Thanks to  the new hydraulic circuit the flow rate and the oil pressure are exactly those required by the load.

HES Series aim is to have a high performance machine paired with reduced energy consumption. Thanks to its top quality components this series can be ranked at the top of its category.


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    • Twin platen clamping design.
    • Hydro-mechanical clamping system utilizing 4 jaws to block platens and tie bars.
    • Extended stroke twin pistons to obtain a rapid movement of platens approach.
    • Four reduced stroke pistons, high pressure for maximum tonnage.
    • Precise control of the mould position through ultrasonic transducer.
    • Automatic control and attainment of the maximum tonnage pressure.
    • Platens obtained by a pig iron founding casting (high quality), T slots for mould fixing.
    • Easier moulds equipped through truncated tie bars.
    • The moving platen is able to support large and heavy moulds thanks to the sliding block design.
    • System to prevent contamination on the moulded parts drop area.
    • Automatic centralised greasing system
    • Non-stop monitoring of the lubricating oil level and pressure.
    • Central ejector plate.
    • Ejector plate with thread drillings.
    • Control and running of the multi-shock central ejector.
    • Mould/ejector movements overlap.
    • Accurate stop position and high dynamic control system.
    • Front safety gate driven by electric motor with inverter system.