The SND robot is an integral part of the new injection molding machines SERIE DIECI.

The accuracy of SND allows the machine to move and unload the final product, further improving the process of production .

Here is an overview of some elements of the robot:

X, Y and Z axis

Made of steel girders (Z axis) or aluminum alloy (X and Y axes), on which are fixed prismatic tempered steel guides, joined to sliding guides with low friction recirculating spheres, able to reach high speeds and accelerations. The translation carts, which support the X and Y axis, are moved by brushless AC servo motor with incremental encoder connected to a backlash planetary gear. The transmission takes place via a toothed belt and pulleys.

Turning axis (C)

The turning movement of 90° placed on the latter end of the vertical axis works pneumatically and allows the unloading of pieces in the deposit zone. The servo motor version is avaiable on demand.

Rotation axis (A and B)

Pneumatic rotations are avaiable on demand to meet the needs of the piece's placement. As for turning axis, where necessary, it is possible to use servo motors to accomplish the rotations.

The grip takes place via suction cups or pneumatic grippers with presence control.

Switchboard control for the activation of brushless servo motors. The standard configuration includes 36I/24O, some of which are available for customized use; the standard features of the most common attachable peripherals are still lined up as addresses wired to the terminal. The number of avaiable ports can be upgraded with 12I+12O additional module.


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  • Skills - Electronic Control

    The following skills are referred to SCP Control Panel:

    • Storage for 100 programs with 300 program lines
    • Standard palletizing program
    • Immediate switching between 2 languages, multiple language avaiable
    • User definible safeworking areas (8 in total)
    • Program backup/restore via USB
    • Multiple passwords allows customized protection tools
    • Control monitors system conditions and maintenance status
    • Expandable and remotable Input and 12 Output modules
    • Control up to 6 axis, with syncro movements
    • Remote assistance via Ethernet avaiable on request
    • Runs up to 10 parallel programs
    • Easy positioning teaching

    The following skills are referred to OCP Control Panel:

    • Visual programming language
    • Easy positioning teaching
    • Standard palletizing program
    • Controls up to 4 axis
    • Storage for 100 programs
    • Multiple password protection level
    • Immediate switching between 8 avaiable languages
    • Programma backup/restore with Compact Flash
    • Control monitoring system conditions and maintenance status

    VGA 7'' video LCD touch screen:

    • Operator terminal with 7'' colour touch screen, with ergonomic gripping and anti-panic button
    • Simple, quick autolearning of positions by means of dedicated screens wich can be personalised for every work cycle
    • Vacuum level adjustement for monitoring of piece presence on pickup device directly by the Touch Screen control, memorised in every work cycle
    • Air Energy Saving System, allowing up to 80% reduction of the air consumed for vacuum generator, by means of a Venturi ejector system
    • Modification of working positions (with safety ensured), times and counters during robot automating cycle
    • Parallel programs for management of auxiliary tooling without affecting the robot's operating phases
    • Auxiliary functions avaiable: penumatic axes, vacuum, grippers, belts, peripherals
    • Advanced programming functions for complex cycle creations
    • Control up to 6 servo-motorised axis
    • Extraction cycle with function that reduces the torque to be used if the robot's movements cannot be synchronized with that of the mold extractor
    • S-shaped acceleration ramps to reduce vibration and protect mechanical components
    • Dynamic advance functions for high-speed cycles
    • Automatic speed and acceleration optimisation during unloading phase. ECO-MODE
    • 8 working areas to establish permitted robot paths
    • Expandable input/output
    • Name of inputs, outputs and parameters can be customised from the Touch Screen for clearer understanding of special work cycles
    • Palletizing macros for simple configuration of the sequence and number of pieces for placing
    • Automatic work cycle selection by means of a code received from the gripper or injection molding machine
    • Multi-level password to restrict access to the robot's functions as appropriate to the operator's experience level
    • Multilingual support, including two with immediate selection
    • Alarm log for diagnostics and monitoring of any malfunctions
    • USB port for backup of robot programs and parameters on memory sticks
    • Ethernet connection for remote assistance and connection t othe company network
    • System parameters configurable from the control to activate the management of devices and functions
    • Offline programming
    • Control of molding machine's radial cylinders, conveyor belt and peripherals