It is equipped with screw motor drive.

The hydraulic circuit uses an innovative system of accumulators to manage movements.

As well as TES, TEF features a wide modularity between clamping units and injection units in order to allow a press sizing   perfectly matching the parts to be molded.

"e-ONE" electronic control with 15" touch screen interface with guided and facilitated access.

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    • Low comsuption
    • High efficiency
    • Injection moviment by single hydraulic pistons
    • Movement of the group on double prismatic guide
    • High dynamic response and precision of the stroke
    • Mechanical lock/unlock system of the barrel assembly
    • Hydraulically assisted side moving swivel’s system of the entire group for easy maintenance.
    • Specific pressure on material from 1500 to 2500 bar
    • Electric screw drive motor with inverter control.
    • PID barrel temperature control system.
    • Water cooled throat.
    • Screw with mixing zone.
    • Ceramic heater bands.
    • Automatic shut-off nozzle.
    • Single stage gears pump for accumulators recharge.
    • Motor-pump group on anti-vibration pads.
    • Integrated algorithm control for motor-pump loading power in real time.
    • Continuous and simultaneous cooling and filtering system for the hydraulic oil.
    • Oil reservoir waterproof to reduce the oil pollution from external environment condition.
    • Soundproof covers for hydraulic system
    • High efficiency and noiseless
    • Low energy consuption
    • Double five points toggle with nitride steel tips and chromo tempered steel bushings.
    • Cast iron platens with T-Slots for mould fixing.
    • High wear-ability steel tie bars, deep chromium plated, accurate grinding.
    • Systems to prevent contamination on the moulded parts area.
    • Non-stop monitoring of the oil level and pressure
    • Central ejector plate driven by central piston.
    • Ejector plate with thread drillings
    • Control and running of the multi-shot central ejector.
    • Mould/ejector/core-pulling movements overlap.
    • Front safety gate driven by electric motor with inverter system.