Covering the needs of medium to large tonnages, it is ideal for household, appliances, electronics and automotive production.

The range of TES presses includes 8 groups of clamping units ranging from 610 to 1500 tons and by 11 injector units.

Range of injectors available, Euromap from 4170 to 6000 cm3 with maximum injection volumes ranging from 1574 to 4000 cm3 .

Availability of 3 different screw diameters per injector and 3 injectors per clamping unit.

Presses are highly reliable, with low operating costs, high plastic coating and injection capacity.

A cutting edge concept of the hydraulic circuit ensures that the flow rate and the oil pressure are exactly those required by the load.

"e-ONE" electronic control with 15" touch screen interface: high performance, repeatability and easy connectivity.

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    • Three stage pump with main stage
    • Water cooled main electric motor.
    • Motor-pump group on anti-vibration pads.
    • Heat exchanger outside to the oil tank
    • Oil reservoir waterproof to reduce the oil pollution from external environment condition.
    • Soundproof covers for hydraulic system.
    • Compact design, high accessibility
    • High dynamic response and precision of the stroke de fermeture.
    • Mechanical lock/unlock system of the barrel assembly
    • Hydraulically assisted side moving swivel’s system of the entire group for easy maintenance.
    • Screw profile with compression ratio variable and dependent from diameter (technology CRDD).
    • Specific pressure on material from a minimum of 1500 bar to a maximum of 2500 bar.
    • Hydraulic screw drive motor with high torque or in alternative electric screw motor drive
    • Electric screw drive motor with inverter control (optional).
    • PID barrel temperature control system.
    • Water cooled throat.
    • Double five points toggle with nitride steel tips and chromo tempered steel bushings.
    • Cast iron platens with T-Slots for mould fixing.
    • High wear-ability steel tie bars, deep chromium plated, accurate grinding.
    • Moving platen supported by self-lubricating sliding blocks with sliding on guides ground and fixed on the base frame.
    • Systems to prevent contamination on the moulded parts area.
    • Non-stop monitoring of the oil level and pressure
    • Central ejector plate driven by central piston.
    • Ejector plate with thread drillings.
    • Control and running of the multi-shot central ejector.
    • Mould/ejector movements overlap.
    • Front safety gate driven by electric motor with inverter system.